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Read this –

now must go.

It has all the sorts of fun stuff. Thermal baths, flea markets, beautiful parliament, a central busy street/market hall, outside clubs, and inexpensive opera!

Ack, too bad the only time I would be able to go is high tourist-season. And I would go solo, don’t know if that’d be safe. . .too bad i’m not a dude



The Venetian




SEEING LYKKE LI IN CONCERT baybayz.  —> SF Regency Ballroom March

Rodarte sisters as costume designers


Well made clothes/ well done costume designing makes a good film all that much better.

The Black Swan has so much hype geezus –  it’s only playing in big cities [for me, SF] for now. Apparently a lot of effort (besides acting, given) was put into the making of this movie. The two main actresses got severe injuries because of weight loss (they got under 100 lbs!) mixed with long hours of conditioning and dancing. Which isn’t very rigorous compared to elite Ballet schools  or academy’s or however they call them. Saw a snip-it of them and The Black Swan in the news, and it’s seriously deranged. So freakin’ competative.

Can’t wait to watch!

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Give me some advice on how to get addicted to yoga. No seriously, I recently started up again with my dream of becoming YoGaGa but I still haven’t found the magic formula to get myself to class as opposed to sprawling out on my couch head first! Which, I assure you, is a yoga pose all its own. – Garance Dore

This is relevant because,

I love this gals blog

I love yoga – and I wanna become a ‘yogaga’ too! sounds like a great thing to be;)

I like clever

I want to become addicted to good things tooo

I think getting yourself up and to workout is almost as hard as the exercising itself

was gone and now i’m back


Driving to yummy thanksgiving food

details >> white space




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